Strategic Planning

We provide a range of services to support & promote informed real estate decision-making from taking stock of your current situation, investigating strategic choices to planning & determining how to structure your workplace to support the mission of your organization and to enable your employees to do their best work.

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Pre-Lease Service

Each building is unique in terms of floor plate efficiency, building services performance & fit-out cost profile. It is therefore important to look at tenancy options on a comparative basis through test-fitting, analysis & cost profiling. We will guide you through the process of optimizing your real estate footprint.

Building infrastructure such as power, cooling and the availability of exhaust and fresh air should also be considered and understood and, any constraints identified. We can assist your Company make an informed real estate decision that will optimize your businesses’ OPEX & CAPEX expenditure.

For occupiers considering a longer-term commitment to a building and who wish to take a deep dive into the physical condition of a property we can undertake an in-depth Technical Due Diligence Study of the building or, tenancy.

Workplace Strategy

In order help businesses define their real estate needs we leverages a data science driven strategy creation tool that uses machine learning to predict the future workplace resources needed to support the work that needs to be done using business unit survey data. The simulation process calibrates against real world data, ensuring the outcomes consider both specific industry and organizational variables.

This is a powerful, time-efficient, and non-political way ofdefining user needswhich we of course blend with qualitative inputsin order tomap out the future occupancy model & required technologies that will enable mobility, meet and connect and user experience. Importantly our process is both cost & time efficient and will help your organization finds its own unique space equilibrium

We are also able to measure the effectiveness of the workplace investment using sensor technologies supplied by our sister Company, Werktec. Ongoing performance evaluation of the workplace allows businesses to optimize the deliveryof right-sized environments; the right allocations& more of the workspace types that staff enjoy and use.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a powerful process of problem solving that the SNX Team applies to understand user needs, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to craft innovative, breakthrough solutions that go beyond the obvious. When design thinking approaches are applied to workplace design,the success rate for innovation improves substantially which is why many of our designers and strategists are design thinking trained.

To move beyond the obvious, we seek to understand through open client dialogue & observation the nuances of how your people work and what they care about. We also need to understand how the business itself is designed; how it operates, its culture & engagement levels, its values, mission, objectives & challenges its facing both now and, if known, the future.

Change Management

Change is necessary for growth, and with it comes many challenges. More often than not, a great business strategy ends up failing when change is not managed and communicated clearly and to the right stakeholders. When normalcy is disrupted, people tend to resist changes to their habits and routines, thus it is critical that an effective change management plan is in place to ease the process. You can have a grand plan in mind, but if there is no buy-in and support from your people, the plan may be hard to execute and the initiative will fail resulting in a loss of reputation, trust, decreased productivity, employee engagement and missed business goals.

Our strategy team will work with you to anticipate and identify challenges and resistance in your organization, developing communication and action plans to manage expectations and encourage a sense of involvement and shared responsibility. This is to get employees to get behind the initiatives and endorse the change plan. With the COVID experience, employees are more open to changes and business owners are now looking to adopt a hybrid working model. With the world changing rapidly, companies who still choose to retain the pre-pandemic status quo are likely to lose out to their competitors who are ready to embrace change.

We have a proven track record of successfully delivering change programs for our clients.

Sensor Studies

Understanding how your office space is used is critical to making an informed real estate decision and fundamental to crafting an evidence-based workplace strategy that is properly calibrated to your organization's needs.

By virtue of its technology subsidiary, our Workplace Advisory Team has immediate access to the latest technology and Cloud based data analytics platform which can quickly and efficiently be deployed to provide a non-political, unbiased and accurate profile of occupancy and utilization. We augment sensor surveys with workplace observations to note how spaces are being used so we have both a quantitative and qualitative view of how your workplace is really functioning & performing

Deploying sensors is fast and non-invasive – by using 4G connectivity data uploads to the Cloud can be wholly independent of your IT infrastructure and our communication protocols don’t interfere in anyway with existing wireless networks. This enables us to gather data seamlessly, speedily and efficiently.

Sensor studies can be anywhere from a few weeks up to 6-months. Our data analytic platform provides 15 standard reports including peak seat occupancy and average space utilization. Data analysis & workplace observations are key inputs into the strategy formulation process and together with the other engagement activities enable us to make evidence-based recommendations.